Friday, June 10, 2005

Snow? What snow?

Lucie, our senior ewe.
Photo by LauraP

My son, who's on mission in Brazil, has requested snow pictures. Everyone there wants to know what snow's like, he says. So Jason, these are for you, and 'everyone' who wants to know. Not as cold, wet, slippery, fun, or annoying as the real stuff, but it's the best I could do at the time with the digital camera.


Anonymous said...

hey! there you are! there's a typo on your link on my blog. But I figured it out and found your blog. (which feeds into my question on my blog re: typing in your info each time. I'm forever typoing "writing" in my url.)

Anonymous said...

the link works now! *g

LauraP said...


Anonymous said...

Awww! What a cute, cute sheep! :)