Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My second favorite daylily - an elderly man on the next street over ran a small garden center and traded me the starts for these in exchange for a division from my patch of old-fashioned double daylilies. Some past gardener planted these yellow-throated reds at our new farm, too. Kismet?
Photo by LauraP


Rurality said...

I want to try to grow daylilies once we figure out where we're going to build. There are a bunch of people in my area who are nuts about daylilies!

LauraP said...

Daylilies are easy here in the Midwest. My grandfather even managed to grow them at his little beach house when he retired to Florida, though they did take a bit more work since his yard was mostly sand. It just didn't feel like home to him without daylilies and maple trees -- and yes, he planted maple trees in the sand there. They grew VERY slowly.