Monday, March 06, 2006

Day's end at the pond

Tonight's sunset provided the perfect close to a great day. Warm breezes, sunny skies, temperatures in the mid-60s, a perfect day for planting. We got the last two bundles of seedlings from the conservation department nursery into the ground -- 25 each of Austrian Pine and Norway Spruce. The first of the yellow potato varieties went into the big garden, plus four varieties of peas. It's early yet, I think, but the forecast for the next week is favorable. And what's the worst that could happen...a hard freeze ruins the planting, and I have to replant? What's that compared to the allure of warm soil underfoot and the anticipation of early peas with baby potatoes? The odds aren't bad in the gardener's lottery.

We tagged the trees planted yesterday. And replanted the Concord grape vine the puppy tugged out of the ground.


pablo said...

You got your Conservation Dept trees already???? Did you drive to the nursery to get them, or did you have them mailed to you? I haven't rec'd my notice yet that my trees are ready for pick up.

LauraP said...

The notice for mine came last week, and my seedlings arrived Saturday by mail. Maybe the orders hit the shipping queue by order date?