Thursday, April 06, 2006

Wild strawberries

Several patches of wild strawberries are blooming in the back pasture. The majority grow among a couple of burnt-out blackberry patches the wildfires cleared this winter. They're also near the cedars, at the edge of a plum thicket, and scattered here and there among the grass. Judging from the number of buds on most plants, this will be a bumper crop year. Just the thought of that intense flavor makes my mouth water. If I'm really lucky and really fast, I might even beat the local wildlife to a few berries when they ripen. Posted by Picasa


squire said...

Are wild strawberries good to eat?

LauraP said...

Wild strawberries very tasty, but very small. They make wonderful jam, too, though it can be quite a challenge to gather enough berries for a batch.