Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Another project

Behold the new fence for my herb & perennial garden. My genius husband unearthed and moved many large rocks while digging those postholes. Here at the edge of the Ozarks, we grow rocks really well. The fence needs another coat of stain and some chicken wire around the bottom to keep the chickens out, and then I can replant all those herbs the poultry ate last summer.


Rob said...

Nice fence. A lot of white fences are going up in our neighborhood only around here, they’re made out of PVC.
Your photos are really well done. Been meaning to mention that.

Tori Lennox said...

Love the fence!

KC said...

I read your post about knitting with baling twine on romancing the yarn. Great idea! your mention of sustainable agriculture caught my eye, I grew up on an Organic farm in Vermont. We raised chickens, turkeys and pigs as well as a jersey heard for milk. My mom runs a bakery and a CSA. Lots of work but fun too! It was nice to be reminded of all of that. Thanks!

pablo said...

You have rocks over your way? I thought all of the rocks in the county were at my place.

That's a fine-looking fence.


Genius Husband said...


Apparently you didn't get them all. Hardest post holes I've ever dug, mostly with a breaker bar and beating on rocks to break them off from a much larger rock in order to dig deep enough... some of the "chunks" we were pulling out were volleyball size. I tried a hammer drill with a 2 foot cement bit on one of the holes that apparently hit a rock ledge... not a successful venture.

BTW, Genius Son was disappointed he wasn't mentioned for the couple days he helped too.

Christina said...

Laura; really enjoy all the pictures. You have such a natural talent for capturing this stuff and are obviously enjoying every minute of it. Good for you!